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LinkedIn has been popularly described as a digital CV. This media platform is ranked as the world’s largest professional networking app. To build your career path, it is advisable to have a LinkedIn account but more than that, have a strong account that promotes your professional brand.

This week, we will start with your LinkedIn profile.

Here are some tips to building a great LinkedIn profile:

  • Use your consistent professional name as your LinkedIn name.
  • Edit your public profile URL to your LinkedIn name only.
  • Use a professional picture as your profile picture.
  • Have a background photo.
  • Create a headline that sells your professional brand in a few words.
  • Have an engaging and well-versed summary that defines your professional image and achievements in 2000 characters or less.
  • Make use of important keywords in your profile to build visibility.
  • Put your relevant work experience with a brief description of your role and achievements, and where applicable, media files.
  • Add your skills, licenses, and certifications you have obtained that relate with your career path.
  • Add your languages and proficiency level in each of them.
  • Don’t neglect the additional section of your profile. If any, add your volunteer experience, publications, patents, projects, honours & awards, organizations, and causes.
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