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Welcome back to My Work Gist with Don Quester Consulting.

This week, we are continuing our discussions on ‘LinkedIn Optimisation.’ Today, we bring you an article on ‘LinkedIn Posts Strategy.’

Develop a strategy for your posts on LinkedIn. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want to communicate through my posts?

Don’t be shy to post your career achievements but much more than that, give value through your posts.

  • How often should I post?

It is not mandatory that you post on LinkedIn daily, however, be consistent in the posting timeline you create based on your content and attempt to post at least once a week or every 2 weeks.

  • Who are my target audience?

When you identify your target audience, you can build strategies to ensure they view your posts.

  • How do I grow public engagement with my posts?

Make use of relevant and trending hashtags to build post visibility.

We will end on this note, pay more attention to the number of impressions your post has than the number of likes. The number of impressions shows you how many people have encountered your post and there is a high chance of some of these impressions stopping to view your profile.

Read our post on ‘Building Your LinkedIn Profile’ for tips on creating a strong profile.

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